Bringing 3D motion capture to your fingertips.

A brief introduction to 4D Motion



Powerful Full Body and Club 3D Motion

Full body and club motion capture with 3D visualization & tools, graphs, tour ranges and much more. Comparison view allows you to compare 2 swings both visually and through the graph data. With real time biofeedback and scorecard modes for training, 4D Motion is the most advanced, portable, 3D motion system that is simple enough to use every day.


Simplicity and Ultra Portability

4D Motion can be set up for 1 sensor biofeedback on the body or club - setup and ready to go in seconds, anywhere. All you need is the sensor and a mobile device. 4D also has many other configurations from 2 to 18 sensors so it can be as simple or comprehensive as you need. Measure only what you need so that you are spending your time coaching, not setting up technology.



4D Motion is the most affordable 3D system on the market that can do full biomechanical training and analysis. And with our new 1 sensor starter package, it is affordable for everyone. From there you can upgrade to 3, 6 or 12 sensors with no penalty. Get started with 4D Motion now.

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I cannot believe the power that we have with such a simple system - some small inertial sensors, straps and a tablet, that’s it. I am going to be using 4D Motion as a 3D system more than any other system that I own.

JON SINCLAIR - An expert in the area of 3D swing analysis, swing mechanics, mental game

I think 4D motion is an unbelievable piece of [technology]. I already knew this was a powerful tool, but it is much more powerful than I ever expected.

JAMES RIDYARD - Leading golf instructor, researcher and co-owner of the Short Game Secrets brand

4D Motion is the only system that I can use with my athletes everywhere. On the golf course, on the water, even the ocean. This is incredibly important because we need to see the motions and data in the actual competitive environments.

JJ RIVET - Head of Biomechanics and Sport Performance European Tour Performance Institute

4D Motion is a simple, portable and affordable way for you to get into the 3D space. No more guessing, very easy to understand and communicate to your student.

MICHAEL BREED - 2012 PGA National Teacher of the Year

Using 4D Motion enables me to find and diagnose a student much quicker and with measurable data...Students are particularly impressed that they get to have their swings to view from each session on their own mobile device

WAYNE O’CALLAGHAN - Class AA PGA Professional and one of Irelands leading teaching professionals

Best customer service I’ve ever had by any company. 4D Motion is a game changer and affordable.

FRANK SCOTT - International Sports Coach