Q: What operating systems are supported?

A: Android 6.0 and above. iOS will be released by February 2017. Customers who buy the Android version can change to iOS without changing the hardware.

Q: Is the system modular?

A: Yes, 4D Motion can be used in various configurations from as few as 2 sensors up to 16 sensors covering the body and club. For example, if you want to focus training on lower body and torso, you can use a 6 sensor configuration: 2 sensors on each leg and one on the hip and on the chest. Other configurations are available for specific training such as torso, lead arm and club, wrist measurements, and more.

The sensors are interchangeable so they can go on any part of the body.

Q: Are the sensors waterproof?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the battery life of the sensors?

A: It depends on the configuration and usage scenarios, but should last about 6 hours of regular usage. About 1 hour to recharge.