2 Sensor System (Gen 2) - Players

2 Sensor System (Gen 2) - Players

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This system expands upon the 1 Sensor and enables you to capture a swing for analysis and basic comparison to a tour pro. Measure and improve your spine angle and the sequencing of your hips and chest for better contact and more clubhead speed!

Live biofeedback on the all important wrist angles are now available for you to pre-set OR recreate the PGA Tour Player averages and LEARN exactly what they do!

Includes full biofeedback training. Compatible Bluetooth 4.1 phone/tablet required.


  • 2 Gen 2 sensors
  • 1 charging station
  • 3 straps (XL, M, XS)
  • 2 clip mounts (for the glove, belt and/or cap)
  • 1 club mount
  • Drawstring carry bag

  • Android 6.0, 7.2 and above
  • iOS 10 and above